Levens Hall Water Feature


Levens Hall, Levens, Cumbria 

Bespoke water feature.

Chris Brammall was approached by Haigh Architects to design, fabricate and install a bespoke water feature to create a unique focal point in the courtyard of the new Levens Kitchen - a fantastic multi-purpose and event space in the hall grounds.  

Chris took inspiration for the water feature from the stunning topiary which adornes the hall's gardens and grounds.  The feature stands at 1.8m tall with a galvanised base with our signature patinated lacquer finsih.  The upper section is fabricated in 5mm aluminium with an anodized finish.  

Design, fabrication and installation by Chris Brammall 

Principal Contractor, Pinnington 

Architects, Haigh Architects

Architects and Landscape Designers, Damson Design

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