Still Moves

Still Moves was designed as part of the Henry Court Millennium Project (1999/2000) - an international competition to find eleven sculptors to produce pieces of work for the redevelopment of Fareham town centre.

The project brief was based around the market place and Henry Court who developed the mass production of iron.  

Chris's design shows the metamorphosis of the iron ore in the stone to a finished usable product, the chain.  The links of the chain also represent the importance of the market place in the community.  Only traditional forging and fixing techniques were allowed.

The base is slate from the Lake District.  It contains iron ore deposits that leave the red staining on the surface.  The stone weighs 6 tons and stands 3.5m high.

The iron sections were forged and formed hot.  All the joints are hot punched and riveted, no welding was allowed.  The larger section is 80mm diameter which tapers to 40mm.

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