Markham Vale Walking Together

Walking Together is a mining memorial by our great friend and client Stephen Broadbent. 

Broadbent Studio were commissioned by Derbyshire County Council to create a memorial public artwork for the Markham Vale Industrial and Business Park. The park is being developed on the site of the former Markham Colliery and the local authority, developers and community representatives are working together to recognise and commemorate this significant history.

The 'Walking Together' design concept has been developed by Stephen, with guidance from a community working group. When complete, ‘Walking Together’ will see over a hundred steel figures symbolising a miner’s journey to the pit – and back home again. This trail of walking figures will connect Duckmanton with the heart of the Markham Vale industrial area. The artwork boldly cuts through this dramatic industrial landscape; a ‘desire line’ is created for visitors to re-imagine and remember the lives of all miners, and in particular those who lost their lives for their work. The ‘Walking Together’ figures represent the 106 miners who were killed in the three major disasters, which occurred at Markham in 1937, 1938 and 1973.

Chris Brammall were commissioned by Stephen for fabrication and installation of the Walking Together sculptures which are being commissioned in batches until all 106 are in place. 

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