Chester Roman Gardens, Chester

The Chester Roman Gardens are a small garden and park complex close to Chester Roman Amphitheatre which contains a number of Roman finds and artefacts gathered from various sites in Roman Chester.  

Originally built in the early 1950s, the gardens were re-designed in 2001 and now provide a scenic spot to browse the Roman ruins and generally relax.  

The Chester Roman Gardens contain a range of remains from local Roman sites, including columns from the Roman gymnasium and carved fascias from the Deva Victrix Roman fortress.  

Also contained in the Chester Roman Gardens is a hypocaust - the underground heating system used by the ancient Romans. A number of signs dotted around the gardens give useful explanations to visitors.

Chris Brammall was commissioned to design develop, manufacture and install a decorative gateway entrance and tunnel to connect two sides of the ancient walls from a traditional city street through to the garden.

Made from Corten (also known as Weathering Steel) Chris’ inspiration for the design of the gate comes from the roman acanthus leaves.  The gates have a unique interlocking feature and the tunnel provides a structural support for the city wall.  

The rustic look of the Corten blends into the stone features of the wall creating a timeless feel.

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