The Dock Museum, Barrow in Furness

The Dock Museum is built in a historic nineteenth century dock, and is home to a wealth of objects on the social and industrial history of the Furness area. Barrow-in-Furness was a small farming village in the Middle Ages, but rapidly transformed into a bustling industrial town within a few decades. It has been at the cutting edge of marine technology for more than a century with submarines, airships, warships and beautiful liners being built in this little-explored town. The museum allows visitors to find out more about the fascinating heritage of the area from cave finds, Viking treasure, Victorian life, Anderson shelters and the Second World War as well as Barrow’s long history building marine vessels (and still building submarines today).

Chris Brammall was commissioned by Barrow Borough Council and The Arts Council of England to bring back to life pieces of industrial relics including several sculptures, signs and artefacts belonging to the museum.

The pieces, which relate to Barrow's industrial heritage, included a Chaff Launcher, crane hooks and the symbolic 10 metre tall entrance sign that was commissioned as part of the opening of the museum in 1994.

Another of the pieces 'Spirit of Barrow' made by Wendy Taylor features the names of some of the foremost vessels built in Barrow. Intended to be a testament to the skill and energy of generations of shipbuilders and engineers who created vessels and who helped spread the name of Barrow-in-Furness around the world, the piece is now restored to its original glory.

Commenting on the project Chris Brammall said "We are delighted to have been able to work with The Dock Museum on this project. With so many local historical iconic pieces in the portfolio of works, it's been wonderful to see them all restored and refurbished to the highest standard ensuring many more visitors will be able to enjoy them in future years".

"The quality of our workmanship along with our high standards of customer care and exceptional attention to detail ensured this project was completed to perfection" explained Chris.

Spokesperson for The Dock Museum, Sabine Skae commented "These objects are popular with our visitors and I’m delighted that they’ve had such expert attention. It’s great to see them back at the Dock Museum showcasing Barrow’s industrial heritage.”

All five pieces can now been seen on show in and around the attraction grounds.

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