Kingmoor Reserve, Carlisle

The public has enjoyed Kingmoor Nature Reserve for nearly 700 years, since King Edward II gifted the original moorland to the people of Carlisle in 1352.

It was also the first venue for the Carlisle Horse Race with the world’s oldest surviving horse racing prize, the Carlisle Bells. The Bells date back to 1580. Following this, the site was designated as a nature reserve in 1913, making it one of the oldest in Cumbria.

Today, it is a haven for wildlife and if you are lucky you may spot a woodpecker, owl or roe deer.

Commissioned by clients Carlisle City Council, Chris Brammall was asked to design and manufacture a new entrance sign to act as the main welcome point for visitors.

Built in patinated galvanized mild steel, the design is inspired by the location, environment and inhabitants of the reserve.

The strong lettering and large-scale posts designed as tree bark are cleverly enhanced with smaller intricate design elements such as birds, butterflies and insects.Each one created individually using hand-forged methods. The result is a beautifully balanced piece that represents both modern-day architecture and more traditional Blacksmithing as an art form.

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