Cumbria Way' marker

The sculpture marks the start of the Cumbria Way, a 70mile walk from Ulverston to Carlisle.  

The tower is based on cairns (mounds of rocks) that are found along high level routes.  The linear framework containing the stone acts like the grid on a map.  

A map of the route on the tower shows key places to be found along the walk which can be identified by the grid references stamped into the markers.  As you follow the map on the surface of the tower, the stone that the structure contains shows a geological map.  This starts off with limestone from Ulverston merging into Lakeland stone, limestone at Caldbeck and finishing with red standstone at Carlisle.  

Mixed in with the stones are lumps of cast glass.  The map spirals out to create a seating area, this also incorporates the four points of a compass so that you can use the structure to get your bearings.

Height 3m.  Diameter 3.2mm

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