Poynton, Cheshire

Poynton was one of the first towns to implement a 'shared space scheme' where a busy intersection at the heart of the town transformed from a hostile and congested traffic space, dominated by traffic signals and road markings.

The streets were redesigned with an informal central strip for vehicles, with courtesy crossings and extended pedestrian areas, unified through a common paving pattern. Traffic lights were removed. The innovative scheme won an award in 2013 after it cut congestion significantly.

Chris Brammall was approached by clients Planit-ie to design and manufacture four marker signs to be placed at different entrances to the town.

The designs drew inspiration from the variety of industries in the area including mining, aeronautical, agriculture and rail. Materials included mid steel with a paint finish.

Imagine our delight when in 2014, Great British Bake Off finalist Luis Troyanos re-created the mining sign as his grand finale show stopper!

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