Books to Birds, Dowdales School, Cumbria

Dowdales School which was founded in 1928, is a community, comprehensive school in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria.  

Chris Brammall was approached to design and build a sculpture to create a landscape focal point within the school grounds as part of a new building project.  

Chris’s design inspiration for ‘Books to Birds’ is drawn from his own experiences of education, books and learning providing the essential building blocks and foundations on which to build a strong future.  

It also reflects the school ethos of ‘high expectations, excellent teaching and ambition for every young person’ the latter of which is represented by the bird in flight.

At 4metres high the sculpture was built using a mix of materials including Iroko timber, Corten as a strong base moving through to stainless steel, which offers a softer and reflective finish for the birds.  

‘Books to Birds’ is one of Chris Brammall’s most recognized sculptures in South Cumbria and continues to inspire many students and aspiring artists.  

Fast Facts

Design: Chris Brammall

Materials: Corten, Stainless Steel and Iroko timber

Dimensions: 4m high

Location: Cumbria

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