Inspiration and Design

Emphasis is always placed on the highest quality of workmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of each project from the initial design concept through the manufacturing process to the final nuts and bolts of installation.

Here at CB Arts we take pride in every stage. A personal service is applied to every project by the management team ensuring that each job is unique and site specific to the client and truly reflects the relevant 'sense of place' and the clients aspirations.

Due to the varied range of our work a significant network of skilled consultants and specialists has evolved over the years allowing us to call in a robust consultancy ‘team’ to provide an ‘all-inclusive’ package for more broad ranging projects where needed.

Wherever possible local businesses and suppliers are sourced for supporting roles such as transportation, lighting, groundworks and so on, this both ensures a continuity of quality and service throughout based on longstanding working relationships and in addition contributes to our commitment to local sustainability.

Team spirit is a top priority within the company, resulting in huge dividends both in terms of quality of workmanship and a sense of ownership…… clients are considered as integral members of that same team and are always welcome to call to view work in progress and discuss future projects.

Architectural and sculptural metalwork


We work with a wide range of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous, stainless steel, Corten, aluminium, bronze, copper, vitreous enamel, glass, stone and timber.

With many skilled tradesmen/women in our team we have a high level of understanding of and experience with these materials. Alongside this we put many hours into developing and understanding new materials and techniques.


We often work on a very large scale in a wide range of disciplines. We offer joining, bending, cutting, blasting, paint-shopping, galvanising, forging, blacksmithing and finishing amongst many other services - all tailored to the specific job.