We are always looking for talented individuals who share our love for quality workmanship.  Recently we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Arthur-Alexis Martin – a French Journeyman whose ambition has been to work as an artisan metalworker in England.

Un Français parmi nous (a Frenchman among us).

Twenty-seven year-old Arthur – whose home town is La Loupe, Nr Chartres, South-West of Paris – has been studying at the prestigious school, Les Compagnons Du Devoir – famous for its Journeyman programme dedicated to training the trades’ people of tomorrow.

French Journeyman Arthur-Alexis Martin joins the Chris Brammall team.
French Journeyman Arthur-Alexis Martin joins the Chris Brammall team.

The school has a unique culture that not only educates in over twenty-nine trades but also recognises the importance of developing life skills, language and writing. It offers students the opportunity to embark upon the ‘Tour de France’ – a five-year study programme where students move around businesses in France and overseas to experience new cultures, new languages and new ways of working.

Chris (Brammall) is renowned for his work in the UK and is a registered member of the British Artist Blacksmith Association.

Arthur chose to complete his study programme with Chris having first been made aware of his work whilst in college. He comments; “My grandfather was a Farrier and from the age of sixteen I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps and pursue my passion to work with metal. It is a great honour to be given the opportunity to work alongside Chris who is recognised for his talents and the quality of his work.”

Chris comments; “It is fantastic to be able to offer the next generation of metalworkers the opportunity to work at our forge. Arthur shares my passion for the trade as an art form and works to extremely high standards. He also brings with him a very credible portfolio and we are delighted to have him on board.”

Mr Martin will work with us until July then take a month out to explore the Lake District and travel around the UK before moving to New York to begin the next phase of his career path.

About Les Compagnons du Devoir


For more than nine centuries Les Compagnons du Devoir have aimed to support young people in developing their professional skills to a high standard in their chosen trade. Sharing knowledge and expertise, travel and community living are the foundations of “Les Compagnons du Devoir”.

Training leads students from company to company, city to city, region to region, country to country. The ethos is very much about students traveling with their toolbox on an adventure, broadening their horizons and enhancing their professional outlook. Ultimately students will find out who they are and develop their character. Differences become sources of enrichment and understanding, contributing to a threefold – professional, cultural and personal – education.