Quite often it is the little things in life that can make all the difference.   Here at Brammall HQ it appears to have been a particularly busy week in delivering random acts of kindness.  Maybe it's a reaction to the weather (the sunshine has arrived), maybe it's becuase we've all been affected by the tragic events seen throughout the UK in recent weeks or maybe it's just because - well just because we can - afterall it's nice to be nice.

When a tourist stopped Cathy to ask how far it was to the nearest shop (which by the way was an 8 mile round trip) she gave them a lift, waited whilst they did their shopping and gave them a lift back again.

Joe volunteerd at a charity event - ok so rugby was involved - but even so he gave up his Sunday to support The Joshua West Foundation and along the way rallied some friends to do the same.

On the train to London for client meetings, Chris offered the use of his phone charger to a fellow commuter (a request to which several other passengers had turned down) and Des bought everyone shortbread.  

And when Chris found himself working at the forge he found the time to make this little beauty - a lovely desk totem for the team to share (that's what Chris thinks  - little does he know that Cathy has kept it somewhere safe - no wonder her nickname is magpie).  But there's something about this desk totem that makes it special.  Yes it's hand-forged, yes its textured and of course completely unique - but it really does feel - well - special.  

 Desk Totem

 Hand-forged desk totem

So we've nicknamed it the office wand which has made Cathy feel a bit like Hermione from Harry Potter - so watch out Team Brammall - there just might be a spell coming to a project meeting near you.