As 2015 gets underway, here at Chris Brammall we are gearing up for what is looking to be one of our busiest starts to the year.

With several new projects in the pipeline - don't worry we'll be able to share details of these with you over the coming months! - we've recruited new staff to join Andy and his team in the workshop.

Last year we celebrated twenty years in business and we were fortunate to be part of some amazing projects - far too many to mention them all - but here are a few favourites:


    • Andover Business Park - a new iconic landmark featuring a Flight and Navigation Theme



    • Jubliee Bridge near Port Appin for Appin Community Trust



    • Chesterfield - an impressive 'gateway' flower sculpture designed by Melanie Jackson with design development, fabrication and installation by Chris Brammall Ltd


And as we reflect on our accomplishments of last year and look forward to many others - we are all busy trying to keep to the New Year's resolutions we set ourselves - and we're only seven days in!!

Happy New Year.


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