It's official!

Now that we're into December we are allowed to mention the C word. Now for those of you thinking    Christmas you'd be wrong - it's candlestick of course! But you'd be right to put the two together as our range of hand-forged interior home accessories, including candlesticks, make the perfect Christmas present.


Spiral candlesticks were one of the first products to be designed and created by Chris twenty years ago in his original blacksmithing workshop in Graythwaite, Cumbria. They have remained a firm favourite with us and with customers too - many return to purchase them as a gift all year round but particularly at Christmas.


A wide range of our gallery products, including the candlesticks, are available to purchase from The Old Courthouse Gallery at Ambleside (call 015394 32022) If there is a particular piece you are looking for please call beforehand to check it's in stock - you can also call us here at the studio on 01229 588580.


As each piece is individually hand-forged we don't carry full stock of everything - sometimes making only one of each item. With every piece unique and individual there's even more reasons to start talking about the C word now!

Happy Christmas everyone.

Unique hand-forged spiral candlesticks Unique hand-forged spiral candlesticks