The Semple Trail @Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the place to find fresh air, great walks, water sports and wildlife as well as great places to eat and shop. The full 15 kilometre Semple Trail runs around Castle Semple Loch and almost all of it is on traffic free routes or quiet rural roads.

Castle Semple Loch, Renfrewshire
Castle Semple Loch, Renfrewshire

Chris Brammall was commissioned by client Renfrewshire Council to design develop, manufacture and install a series of seven sculptures to be located at key locations along The Semple Trail.

The project presented Chris with the opportunity to combine many of his passions in using bespoke architectural metalwork to create sculptures with a true ‘sense of place’ in some of the UK’s most inspiring places.

Each Semple Trail sculpture design is inspired by different elements of the region and environment – from the history and heritage through to location, inhabitants and surroundings.

The sculptures sit within a designated foundation themed as a compass point depicting the precise location and feature a ‘stray map’ perhaps left by the previous visitor!

Who forgot the map?  The Semple Trail.
Who forgot the map? The Semple Trail.

The series includes:

Kenmore Hill a solid patinated steel globe inspired by the worldwide trade that originated from Lochwinnoch.

The Semple Trail
Kenmore Hill. The Semple Trail


Courtshaw Hill. A particularly stunning vantage point – this individually crafted bench features a back with a ‘woven’ design inspired by the weaving and textile industries which once thrived in the area.

The Semple Trail
Courtshaw Hill. The Semple Trail.

Parkhill. A bespoke bench with a weathering steel backrest featuring a map of the trail. The bench sits at a key viewing point where visitors can stop a while to enjoy the full view the loch and trail.

The Semple Trail
Parkhill. The Semple Trail.

Johnshill ‘Come Sit with Me’ – a group of weathering steel seats which depict the area’s legacy in furniture making.

Johnshill.  The Semple Trail
Johnshill. The Semple Trail.


Loch Shore featuring a patinated steel bench designed as a folded map and displaying some of the amazing array of wildlife found in and around the Loch.

Loch Shore.  The Semple Trail.
Loch Shore. The Semple Trail.

Castle Semple Visitor Centre. In times gone by, locals would play curling on the frozen loch. The piece at the visitor centre is designed to replicate the ice and ripples of water with fish swimming in the frozen loch and features curling stones highlighted with phrases and words from the game.

Castle Semple Visitor Centre.  The Semple Trail.
Castle Semple Visitor Centre. The Semple Trail.

Tod’s Seat. A weathering steel bird sculpture sits within the RSPB nature reserve.

Tod's Seat.  The Semple Trail.
Tod’s Seat. The Semple Trail.

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