Cast industrial wheels and hammers, lumps of slate and stone, chains and weathering steel were on our materials list for a recent project at Coniston Coppermines.

We were approached by The Way Design and Minerva Heritage to design and build two interactive pieces which would form part of a new interpretation feature linked to the Coniston Copper project - an ambitious two year project which aims to preserve the mining heritage in Coniston. 

Spreading across a spectacular 57 hectare site above Coniston Water and below the famed 803m Old Man mountain, the mines have a long legacy which the project aims to preserve.

The client brief was to design and build two interactive pieces which bring the sounds of the mining landscape to life.  At the same time to minimise risk as much as possible, work within the confines of the existing structure plan (a dry stone wall) and a small budget.

Coniston Copper Hammer                   Coniston Copper Wheel



Always up for a challenge Chris designed 'Dragging Chains' and 'Hammer Strikes' and our amazing craftsmen built the units using traditional materials.  The units were bolted into position and the dry stone wall built up around them with traditional interpretation panels displayed on the top. 

Interpretation Design by The Way Design - website link here. 

Coniston Copper

Coniston Copper

Coniston Copper Bespoke Interactives